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I see Cathrine for all of my aches and pains.  I suffer from chronic migraines and fibromyalgia, therefore making it very hard for anyone to work on me without causing a lot of pain.  Cathrine uses ice to help numb the nerves/area that she is going to work on.  It works wonders!  When I have a migraine, I do not even bother with taking my migraine medicine, I just let her know and she takes care of it.  I can come in with a horrible migraine and give her about 45 munutes and I leave feeling 100% better!  I recommend Cathrine to everyone I know!

Ashley D



Cathrine did a miraculous job taking care of and releiving my scary spasmed neck!  And the entire establishment, including even the restroom, was extremely clean, tidy and beautifully appointed with soothing purple tone based color decor.

The very peaceful soft, earthy background music sounds and environment, as wesll as Cathrine's calm personality made my experience magically healing on every level.

I did not know the cause of my frighteninly painful neck/shoulder pinched nerve, spasm and extreme swelling of the muscles but she had and educatede opinion of what it may be...which was not at all a swollen lymph node issue as I had thought and she suggested that I also seek a chiropractor's diagnosis... and she was correct.

The x-rays the chiropractor took showed that the muscles swelling so much that it pushed my collarbone ligaments to give way slightly enough that it protuded out on my right clavicvle and all that mess pinched nerves.  Then a visit to the dentish found the actual cause was cracked molar teeth from clenching my jaw and grinding my teeth while I slept that caused the initial nerve pain...which made my neck muscles tense up.

Ugh, but the point is that I may not have figured out what it was in time without Cathrine's guidance and wonderful massage therapy techniques.  It was very painful for me to dndure the necessary massage tecniques she did but she talked me through how to properly breathed through the session.  During the session I picked her brain about many holistic idean and remedies.  And when the hour session was completed the traumatic pinched nerve pain was gone.  Then when I got up she had me look in the mirror...I was stunned to see the shoulder muscle...that had been swollen up much higher that the left side, was all the way back down to normal.  Seemed impossible that could be accomplished within one hour!  I went back to Cathrine for a second session to keep the muscle from spasming up again while I await the needed dental work appoinment.

If you need the most professional, excellent, highly educated, masterful medical massage therapy, you will not be disappointed with Cathrine at With You in Mind Clinical Massage Therapy in Yucaipa, Ca.  Enjoy! :)





I was very impressed with the professional services provided by Karina Jacobsson.  I have chronic neck pain and every time I get a treatment from Karina, my neck feels wonderful.  I would recommend Karina's services without reservation.





With You in Mind Massage is by far the best massage in Yucaipa.  I live here in Yucaipa and this is a very clean and professional place.  They are accredited and knowledgeable.  I felt very relaxed and like a noodle when I walked out,lol...love this place and I highly recommend.





Gary Struck is a remarkable talented massage therapist.  I am thankful that a friend recommended him to my husband and I.  Gary is thoughtful, kind and extremely knowledgeable.  I've told everyone I know about him!  Gary is as good as it gets!





In the last couple of years I began suffering  from extreme anxiety and as a result began to have a difficult time receiving massages: even coming very close a few times to having a full blown panic attack on the massage table.   Due to this anxiety, I found myself switching therapists quite frequently looking for the perfect fit since I knew how beneficial massages were to me in the past.  I must have gone through and tried over a dozen therapists before I made an appointment with Mary and I'm so thatnkfull to having found her because not only is she conscientious of my condition she is also and excellent massage therapist!

Mary is very effective because she seems to be very intuitive to my body's aches and pains and thus always fixing the ailments that are affecting me during my visits.  I strongly suggest that you book and appointment, you won't be disappointed!





Wow! After having so much pain for so long...what a pleasure to see and feel "the other side". My experience with my visits to "With You in Mind" has been most positive!  I do appreciate such a professional and caring business in our town!






I had thyroid surgery last August and my range of motion had been restricted greatly.  I had Cathrine work on me twice and now I have only minimal tightness and my range of motion has been restored.  What a relief!









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