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Matthew Darrow L.M.T.

It is truly incredible what we can do to benefit another's well being. We can push our bodies to their absolute limits, incur traumatic injuries and give stress a tense grip over our lives. We can take what our bodies have to offer and are capable of giving complete care back to them. Every point of tension in the body can experience release. We can utilize massage as a natural decongestant for the entire body. We can associate areas of physical trauma with emotional pain and bring relief to a frenzied mind.

I received my education from the School of Holistic Touch in Ontario, California. I plan to further my knowledge and experience over the years, watching for new therapeutic techniques and by regularly networking with other massage therapists.

I am the third in my family to pursue a career in massage therapy. I've been exposed over the years to what massage therapy has to offer and I must say it has been an amazing experience. It is my mission as a massage therapist to learn the demands and intricacies of this extremely effective bodywork. I find it fascinating what the human body can do for itself under the proper circumstances. I will provide an environment designed to relieve tension and by that effect stress. There have been times in my life when I have pushed my muscles to their breaking points and have suffered the painful consequences. In my hands I now have the power to bring relief to others.

I specialize in:

Relaxation massage

Deep Tissue massage

Lymph Drainage


Trigger Point Therapy


Overall my mission is that when I leave, you are in a measurably less tense state than when I arrived. 




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